The Broaden Trial of DBS for Depression

Cryonics: The Secret to Immortality?

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Tackles the Fentanyl Epidemic

About a Boy: Affirmative Therapy for Transgender and Gender Variant Kids Aged 3-12

Adverse Effects: The Perils of Deep Brain Stimulation                                       (PRN.FN Radio Interview about Deep Brain Stimulation)

Cage Match: Environmental Enrichment for Lab Rats

Ghost in the Machine: Contract Research Organizations in Drug Industry Clinical Trials

HPV Vaccine: Guinea Pig Girls?

Psychedelics: Using to Kick the Habit

Lori Brotto’s Sex Lab

Labial Cosmetic Surgery: Critics Call it Genital Mutilation

Couch Trip: The Madness of the Diagnostic Statistical Manual

The Babymakers: Engineering Humans with In-Vitro Fertility and Gene Engineering

Mindfulness Therapy

Little Shop of Horrors: How many alleged rapes, misdiagnoses and botched surgeries does it take for the state to yank a gyno’s license?

Dead Ringers

Women Sex Offenders: Therapy Programs Treat Them Just Like Men

The Media Doctor Is In: Alan Cassels

Cosmetic Surgery: Curse or Cure?

HIV Vaccine Test Recruitment: Ethical Concerns

HIV Vaccine Trials: Risky Business

Meet the Genetailor

Sex Versus Chocolate

Perfection Can Kill You: A Case for (Moderate) Laziness

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